Reconstructing paleoenvironments by lipid biomarker analysis

Header_ThienemannMatthias Theinemann is a PhD student in Project F5 at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Cologne since september 2013.

Matthias Thienemann

Matthias Thienemann

In 2011-2012 he worked as student research assistant at the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences Agrosphere (IBG-3) at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

During this time he investigated holocene environmental conditions of the Stader Geest (northwest Germany) by isotopic studies of lacustrine sediments.

For the first project of his PhD research he is analyzing faecal sterols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pah) and n-alkanes in lacustrine sediments from lake Dojran (Macedonia) to reconstruct holocene anthropogenic activities in the lake area.

He will introduce the working region, give an overview over the methods and present first results.

Event Information:

Date, Time: 28/04/2014, 16:45 h – 17:15 h

Location: Room S12, Seminargebäude (Building 106), Universitätsstraße 37 , Cologne

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