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“How often have you sat through a presentation and felt bored, uninspired or even confused? Delivering a great presentation can be a challenge – especially if English is your second language.  In your career as an academic or researcher giving presentations is a major and important part of your role. With this one and half day presentation skills workshop you will pick up some tips on how to improve your presentation style and practice in a constructive environment”

Lesley-Anne Weiling
Write English

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Lesley-Anne Weiling is a native English speaker and comes from Ireland.  She is a partner in Write English, a Cologne based business specializing in helping people improve their English communication skills in both writing and presenting.
She graduated from Queens University Belfast and began her career in the IT industry in London.  Working in the high pressure environment of sales and marketing Lesley-Anne experienced first hand the value of good presentation skills.  As a senior manager, she often had to give presentations to multicultural teams and large audiences. Her role involved mentoring junior team members and coaching them to deliver successful presentations.

Since moving to Germany in 2002 she has continued to focus on her passion of training and coaching people in their English communication and presentation skills.
She has taught academic writing and presentation skills at several academic institutions in Germany including Mannheim University, Bad Honnef University of Applied Sciences and Cologne University.  Her workshops highlight the differences in written and spoken English and the many techniques you can use to get your message across in an interesting and even entertaining way.  She also works with individual academics, researchers and business people helping them to create presentations and coaching them through delivery and question and answer sessions.
In addition to teaching academic writing she also teaches writing for marketing purposes and works with businesses, academic institutions and the DAAD to improve their style of written communication. Lesley-Anne has coauthored a book entitled “The Business English Tool Box” published by Pearson and contributed to Pearson’s “Business Communication Today” (Global Edition) series of text books.

She lives in Bonn with her husband Thomas and two children. You can contact Lesley-Anne directly by email

Event Information:

Date, Time: 02/11/2015, 09:00 h – 17:00 h
& 03/11/2015, 9:00 h – 13:00 h

Location: Room 1.90 Bernhard Feilchenfeld Str. 11, Bernhard Feilchenfeld Str. 11, Cologne

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