Good Scientific Practice

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Dr. Karin Boessenkool

Good scientific practice in research and scholarship is essential for the integrity of science. It sets internationally valid benchmarks for quality assurance, which enable replication and further studies by other scientists. And it provides safeguards against scientific dishonesty and fraud. Good practice, thus, nurtures trust within the scientific community and between science and society, both of which are necessary for scientific advance (Source: European Science Foundation)

This workshop is divided into two parts: the first part (02.07.2018) will introduce you to the principles of good scientific practice. An overview of your rights and responsibilities as a researcher will be presented, followed by a discussion about who sets the rules and regulations  (recommendations) for good scientific practice.

In the second part (16.07.2018) you have the opportunity to assess issues related with good/bad scientific practice in a guided group discussion on five different themes (Ideas, Data collection and storage, Data in publications, Publications and the role of co-authors, Review process).

Please refer to the recommended readings below.

The workshop will be held by Dr. Karin Boessenkool (Coordinator of the Geosciences Graduate School).


Recommended Reading

Science Ethics:
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Geophysical Union AGU
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Guides for Authors:
Journals of the AGU
Nature Journal
Science Magazine

Data policy:
Nature Journal
Science Magazine

Peer Review Process:
Nature Journal
Science Magazine



Event & Booking Information:

Date, Time: 16/07/2018, 14:00 h – 15:30 h
& 16/07/2015, 14:00 h – 15:30 h

Location: Übungsraum 1 (Rundbau Geographie), Zülpicher Straße 45, Cologne

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