Water resources assessment in arid data-scarce regions – multidisciplinary research in Egypt


Dr. Mohamed Youssif

Arid regions are highly vulnerable with respect to environmental and particularly hydrological changes. Data scarcity for most of these areas (such as Egypt and the most of Middle East) is a great challenge for hydrogeological investigation at practical scales. Moreover, climate change will exacerbate groundwater-related problems by reduction in recharge rates in some areas, increased reliance on groundwater resources due to decrease in the reliability of surface-water sources, saltwater intrusion due to sea-level rise, and deterioration of groundwater quality by increased flushing of urban and agricultural wastes.

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Geoarchaeology in the Desert: Unique Cave Sediments, Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at Sodmein Cave, Egypt


 Before I started my PhD, I did my bachelor in Geography and the master study course “Quaternary Science & Geoarchaeology”, both at the University of Cologne. I already wrote my bachelor-thesis in the C1-project and during my master, I changed to the A1-project. My master-thesis was about first micromorphological investigations at Sodmein Cave in Egypt.

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