We would like to thank all participants and all of our wonderful and dedicated speakers in this summer’s IRTG colloquia and CRC Lectures.

Thanks to our invited guest speakers and their willingness to present online via Zoom, we were able to enjoy four amazing CRC lectures despite this ambiguous Corona situation over summer. We learnt a lot about traceological approaches, African climate change and European Loess sections, especially from Central Iberia. We are also very happy, that participant numbers increased with each lecture. Therefore, we plan to continue with Zoom Lectures also during the upcoming final Lecture semester. We hope you enjoyed our Lecture Series as much as we did and look forward to welcome you again in fall (Lectures will start at the 2nd November 2020).

A small outlook: As the CRC project will end in summer next year, the upcoming IRTG winter program will consequently be the last. We are currently planning the upcoming term and are able to tease you with the following information: We would like to close the circle of the CRC and look back to 12 years of integrated research. Our upcoming guest speakers are CRC/IRTG alumni, who will tell us about their current research, and also about their personal careers and pathways after graduating within the CRC. They will also give perspectives to future studies. We will shortly update our schedule, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for your support and participation. Stay healthy and safe over summer.