PhD presentation by Amal Alkassem


Date(s) - 18/01/2021
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm


Variability of core reduction strategies of the late Middle Palaeolithic of assemblages 6 and 4 of Yabroud I (Syria)

An analytical and comparative study

by Amal Al Kassem,
University of Cologne

Yabroud Shelter I is considered a key site for the succession of Palaeolithic lithic technocomplexes in the Levant. The cave site is located 60 km north of Damascus in Syria, at an elevation of 1420 m.a.s.l, and has a long stratigraphy covering ca. 400.000 – 45.000 years ago. The Techno-typological analyses of the lithic material from assemblages 6 and 4 resulted in the reconstruction of strategies of core reduction. And hence, this elucidates the variability of site-use across time and the high mobility of hunter-gatherers in the highland that is associated with an arid climate, with an alternation between steppe and desert vegetation.

Photo is showing an exterior scene of the Yaboud Shelter I, Syria. (Photo: Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, UoC)




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