PhD presentation by Cristina Val Peon & Katrin Geiger


Date(s) - 01/02/2021
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Environmental changes in SW Iberia during the Early-Mid Holocene
by Cristina Val Peon (RWTH Aachen)

The Early to Mid-Holocene period was defined by important global changes which, together with regional factors, modelled coastal landscapes.  Through the palynological analysis of a shallow offshore sediment core drilled in SW Iberia, some trends in vegetation were identified. Although the origins of some of them remain unclear, this presentation aims to draw a general picture of how past environments evolved in this region, as a first step to understand adaptive capacities of human groups in dynamic littoral habitats.



Palaeoecological analyses of peat cores from the Wawerner Bruch (SW-Rhineland-Palatinate) – first insights
by Katrin Geiger (Universität zu Köln)

Peat cores were retrieved from the Wawerner Bruch, which has developed in a formerly Saar meander since the late Pleistocene. This unique location with accumulated fen peat reveals potential as suitable archive for environmental reconstructions.

The cores were analysed using multi-proxy methods (palynology, non-pollen palynomorphs, macro-remains, charred particles, XRF, CN, ERT). The aim of this palaeoecological study is a local and regional view on the environmental history of this peatland, settlement activities -in the vicinity of the “Roman” city of Trier-, human and climatic impacts since the Late Glacial.