Where ostracods meet the Romans

Human impact, climatic events and palaeoenvironments during the Late Holocene

Trajans harbour

Dr. Ilaria Mazzini

Dr. Ilaria Mazzini

I am a palaeobiologist analysing sediments as environmental and climate archives. My research mainly concerns the study of ostracod shells, which can provide information on parameters such as salinity, water depth and presence of macrophytes; stable oxygen and carbon isotopes and trace element ratios of ostracod shells serve as additional proxies of environmental change.

I have been involved in research projects about the Quaternary deep-sea ostracods from the Southern Ocean, the Holocene “paleo”-biodiversity of New Zealand freshwater environments and the palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Central Anatolian Plateau since the Late Miocene. In the last years I have mainly worked on Holocene records from the Mediterranean and the Balkan areas, using ostracods to detect climatic changes and human impact in continental and marginal marine archaeological sites.

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Date, Time: 02/12/2013, 17:30 h – 19:00 h

Location: Übungsraum 3, Geographie / Südbau, Otto-Fischer-Str. 4, Köln
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