Climate impact on human dispersal in the Iberian Peninsula during MIS 3-1


Maria and Jasmijn are PhD students in Projects C1 and C3 of the CRC 806 at the University of Cologne. Jasmijn and María started their PhD projects on the 1st of January 2014. They will reconstruct the climatological variability and its influence on the human settlement on the Iberian Peninsula during MIS 3-1.

Jasmijn van´t Hoff

Jasmijn van´t Hoff

Jasmijn studied Earth Science at the Free University Amsterdam. She specialized in Paleoclimatology. Her master thesis focused on Heinrich Events (in particular H0) during the last 53.000 years, based on the counts of foraminifera and IRD and the oxygen isotope signal of foraminifera of a marine core in in the North Atlantic.

Maria de Andrés-Herrero

Maria de Andrés-Herrero

María studied History at Complutense University of Madrid. She specialized in Prehistory and Archaeology at the National Distance Education University of Spain. Her master thesis was focused on the analysis of geoarchaoelogical and chronological data of the Chatelperronian sites in the Cantabrian region (Spain).

Jasmijn is doing paleolimnological investigations on cores from lakes in the Southern part of Spain (area of El Puerto de Santa María), including geochemistry and sedimentology. María is doing the site catchment analysis of Solutrean and Magdalenian sites on the Iberian Peninsula for studying the settlement patterns. By combining the climatological and archeological data, they could offer an overview of the human dispersal during MIS 3 – 1.

They will give an overview of the scientific outcome from the first phase of Cluster C (2009-2013) and will present their short fieldtrip to Spain last March to introduce their working regions (Iberian Peninsula) and present their plans for their field campaign scheduled for July (María) and autumn 2014 (Jasmijn and María).


Event Information:

Date, Time: 26/05/2014, 16:00 h – 17:30 h

Location: Room S12, Seminargebäude (Building 106), Universitätsstraße 37 , Cologne

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