Following the last glacial environmental dynamics of the middle and lower Danube basin

Obreht BannerIgor Obreht is a PhD candidate in Project B1 The „Eastern Trajectory”: Last Glacial Palaeogeography and Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and of the Balkan Peninsula of the CRC 806 of the University of Cologne. He studied Geography and Geoecology at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and in his presentation he will introduce his research approach and research area.

Igor Obreht

Igor Obreht

The Upper (central Balkan region and the Carpathian/Pannonian Basin) and the Lower Danube basins present an important area for the dispersal of the anatomically modern human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens sp.) corridor from Africa to Central Europe. Last glacial loess and loess-like deposits cover large parts of this region. In spite of widespread distribution of loess and loess-like deposits in the Lower and Upper Danube basins, information about the anatomically modern human occupation of these landscapes are rare.

However, information about the Paleolithic sites from nearby caves, as at Peştera cu Oase (dated to 34.000 – 36.000 14C years B.P.), confirms the presence of modern humans in this region. In the second phase of the CRC we will investigate last glacial deposits with high sediment accumulation in the lowlands of northern Hungary (near Tokaj), eastern Romania and in northern Serbia (Orlovat, Crvenka), as well as upland sections in this region. We would like to test the hypothesis if the settlements of the first modern hunters and gatherers are concentrated on the foothills of the mountains such as the Banat hills or Bükk Mountains. A multi-proxy approach (e.g. grain size measurements, multi element analysis, rock magnetics, CNS, AMS- and OSL-Dating) will be applied, and combined with geomorphological investigations, to investigate differences between geomorphological and sedimentological processes, and paleoclimatical effects on sediment.

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Date, Time: 19/05/2014, 16:45 h – 17:15 h

Location: Room S12, Seminargebäude (Building 106), Universitätsstraße 37 , Cologne

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