Introduction to GIS


Instructor: Dr. Andreas Bolten (Project Z2)

Dr. Andreas Bolten

Dr. Andreas Bolten, Institute of Geography, University of Cologne

Every geographical dataset is a combination of location and attribute data. However, the location can be understood as one individual attribute of a dataset. Different data formats or data models are available to optimize data storage and/or analyze speed.

There are two major models that can be distinguished. On the one hand there are vector data like points or line information, on the other hand there are raster data that represent the reality in continuous raster cells with attributes of size and value. Depending on the project there are pros and cons for each model.

A geographic information system (GIS) generates and analyzes the relationship of attributes of datasets, (geo)-process the data and present the results in different ways.

This workshop aims to introduce IRTG doctoral students to building an own small database of recorded field data, to analyze or geo-process that data and lastly to present the data using predefined base map layouts including online data and additional necessary map elements.

Introduction to GIS I:

This first lesson introduces the EVAP-concept of GIS.
After a short theoretical part, the single concept parts will be transferred to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop as one possible GIS-package:

E-Erfassen (record)
V-Verarbeiten (handle/process)
A-Analysieren (analyze)
P-Präsentieren (present)

At the end of the workshop possible topics for the second meeting will be discussed.

Introduction to GIS II:

The second part discusses the geoprocessing tools of ESRI ArcGIS Desktop in more detail. Based on topics found over the first part of the course we will have a closer look to some case studies.

Possible topics are:
– Point to surface
– Surface analysis
– Spatial analysis
– Geostatistical analysis
– …

Event Information:

Date, Time: 05/05/2014, 14:00 h – 17:00 h

& 12/05/2014, 14:00 h – 17:00 h

Location: EDV A, Südbau Geographie, Otto-Fischer-Straße 4, Cologne

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