IRTG Alumni Doerte Weig dances her PhD!

Moving choices

Dance your phd

Running for the 6th consecutive year, “Dance your Ph.D.” is a Science sponsored contest that challenges scientists to present the outcome of their doctoral research by means of dancing. In other words, contestants are urged to use their bodies “to convey the essence of scientific research”.

IRTG Alumni Doerte Weig is one of the 12 finalists in the 2013 “Dance your Ph.D. selected from 31 dance submissions by the winners from previous years of the contest. Doerte’s entry titled ‘Moving Choices’ deals with motility and relational mobility of the Baka in NE Gabon. Within the frame of the E3 Project of the CRC 806, Doerte spent one year among the Baka, a group of former hunter-gatherers inhabiting the tropical rainforests of Gabon in Central Africa.

Doerte Weig

Doerte Weig

‘Moving Choices’ shows how my friends and I embody the concept of motility, which refers to the capacity or potential to move. We dance how human mobility can happen on a small or individual level, or as complex patterns in time and space. By focusing on the capacity to move, rather than just the observable facts of mobility, a motility analysis adds depth and understanding to mobility studies.

If you would like to know more about the Baka in Gabon, please have a look here.

Doerte’s entry along with the rest of the videos of the eleven finalists can be found here. Please do not forget to vote for your favorite entry!


Moving Choices from Doerte Weig on Vimeo.