Paleoclimate modelling and aeolian dust as climate proxy


One of the objectives of the CRC 806 is, based on paleoclimate modelling and paleoclimate proxies, to understand how paleoclimate changed and how paleoclimatic and environmental conditions impacted the movement of homo-sapiens. The purpose of the workshop is to provide colleagues of similar interests with a platform for exchange of ideas.

The tentative topics we suggest to discuss include

– frontiers of (regional) paleoclimate and paleodust modelling

– overview, value and uncertainties of paleoclimate proxies

– collaboration among groups and individuals on paleoclimate studies

In this workshop, we wish to bring together colleagues with different backgrounds on a list of topics related to paleoclimate models, proxies, reconstructions etc. Overview talks and discussions will be combined to achieve the workshop objectives.

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Date, Time: 13/11/2014 - 14/11/2014, 09:15 h – 16:00 h

Location: Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology, Pohligstr. 3, Cologne

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