Quaternary Geochronology



Prof. Rainer Grün

This course provides an overview of the principal techniques deployed in modern archaeology and palaeoanthropology to place the material remains of the human past and the human environment in a chronological context, from earliest human origins to quite recent times.

Starting with fundamental principles such as stratigraphy and relatively simple methods such as dendrochronology (tree-ring dating), the course will progress to examine some of the main scientifically based methods relevant to prehistory and human evolution, such as radiocarbon, U-series, potassium/argon, luminescence, electron spin resonance and fission-track dating.

The workshop will be comprised of two compact classes:
Wednesday, 12 Nov, 15-20 h,
Wednesday, 19 Nov, 15-20 h


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Date, Time: 12/11/2014, 15:00 h – 20:00 h
and 19/11/2014, 15:00 h – 20:00 h

Location: Ü1 (Rundbau, Geography), Zülpicher Straße 45, Cologne

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