Rock Art and Mobile Art as Cultural Marker in the Solutrean and Magdalenian of the Iberian Peninsula

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 My name is Viviane Bolin and I am a member of the CRC 806 project C1 ‘Continuity or Discontinuity? Patterns of Land Use and Climatic Changes in the Late Pleistocene of the Iberian Peninsula’. I studied Prehistoric Archaeology in Bochum and Hamburg from 2006 to 2012.

In my Bachelor thesis, I discussed the theory of shamanism in Palaeolithic cave art and mobile art. In my Master thesis, I focused on the use of ochre in Mesolithic burials of Europe. After my studies, I worked in exhibition design at the Neanderthal Museum for almost two years, before I started my PhD in the CRC in July 2014.


Viviane Bolin
Project C1

Within the framework of the C1 project, my dissertation follows up on the results of the first phase of CRC concerning demographic changes. During most of the Upper Palaeolithic periods the North of the Iberian Peninsula was more densely populated by hunter-gatherer groups and showed a greater artistic expression than the South. It is in the Solutrean only that a similar density of human settlement is detectable in the South and in the North and a truly artistic explosion in rock and mobile art can be observed in the southern areas. My dissertation focuses on the correlation between this demographic and artistic ‘boom’, possibly driven by climate change, and on the analysis of rock art as cultural marker, indicator of regional diversity and reflection of territoriality.

I will test if climate changes are coupled with settlements and mobility patterns and rock art, and if relationships between culture and ecology are evident. The Iberian data collection allows a wide cross check of different relations between two chronological phases (Solutrean and Magdalenian), two different regions (northern and southern Iberia) and between ecological (fauna), spatial (settlement) and cultural data (art).

In this talk, I will present my topic, my objectives, methods and goals for this dissertation.

 Event Information:

Date, Time: 20/04/2015, 14:00 h – 14:45 h

Location: Room S12, Seminargebäude (Building 106), Universitätsstraße 37 , Cologne

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