Vegetation history of northwest Turkey and the southern Levant since the Last Glacial

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Andrea Miebach is a PhD student in the CRC project B3. She studied biology at the University of Bonn and started her PhD project in October 2013. The key task of the B3 project is to reveal environmental conditions during times of human dispersal in the southern part of the eastern trajectory. Here, long and high-resolution continental records are rare. The study of pollen and other palynomorphs give us the opportunity not only to investigate how the vegetation looked like, but it also gives us insights into climate conditions and human occupation.

Andrea Miebach Project B3

Andrea Miebach
Project B3

The first aim of the PhD project is to investigate the vegetation history of the southern Levant during the Last Glacial. This region and timeframe are particular interesting to investigate for several reasons. Firstly, secondary expansions of modern humans into the Near East and principal cultural innovations occurred during this period. Secondly, there are ongoing discussions on the environmental conditions causing the prominent lake level high stand of Lake Lisan, the precursor of the Dead Sea, during the Last Glacial. Thirdly, the regional vegetation is highly sensitive to climate changes and pollen analyses serve therefore as a suitable method for climate reconstructions.
The second aim of her studies is to reveal the environmental conditions in the Marmara region (NW Turkey) during the last ca. 30,000 years. The Marmara region functioned as a bottleneck for migrating societies between the Near East and Europe, and it has a long occupation history. She investigates climate and human impacts on the vegetation.
In her talk, she will give an overview on the different archives she is working on. She will present results of her ongoing studies, and she will discuss the results in respect of climate changes and anthropogenic influences.

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Date, Time: 15/06/2015, 14:45 h – 15:30 h

Location: Room S12, Seminargebäude (Building 106), Universitätsstraße 37 , Cologne

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