Diatoms as an indicator of paleoecological changes in S. Levant over the last 10,000 years


Hannah Vossel is a PhD student at the Steinmann-Institute for Geology, Mineralogy and Palaeontology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn. Hannah has been employed as a student assistant in Project B3 since 2011.


Hannah Vossel

As a paleobotanist, I am analyzing fossil diatom assemblages and their changes during time in lacustrine sediment cores from the Levant. Living diatom cells are responding very sensitive to changes of the physical and chemical parameters in a freshwater system, which is why they can be used as a tool for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. In my Phd research I am analyzing the changes of the fossil diatom communities during the Holocene in sediment cores from Lake Kinneret and Birkat’ Ram (Israel).

Hannah will present the aims and research questions of her PhD project, the methods she will be applying, the outcome of her Master thesis as well as her work plan for the following months.

Event Information:

Date, Time: 16/12/2013, 17:30 h – 19:00 h

Location: Übungsraum 3, Geographie / Südbau, Otto-Fischer-Str. 4, Köln

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