How to get funding: Grant writing workshop for young researchers

banner_grand_writingIn this workshop, research funding experts from proWiss Consulting Services for Researchers will share their knowledge in the field of proposal writing for research grants.

In the workshop we will think about ways how to transform your research idea into a promising grant proposal.

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Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Important principles of grant writing
  • Structure of a grant proposal
  • How to create a budget plan
  • Reviewer-oriented writing
  • How to search for an appropriate funding agency

Please be prepared for active participation, group work and exercises.

You will work on your own research ideas!

Your Instructors:

Dr. Birte Kathage

Dr. Birte Kathage

PD Dr. Reinhard Klein-Arendt

PD Dr. Reinhard Klein-Arendt


Birte Kathage, PhD and Reinhard Klein-Arendt, PhD are research consultants at proWiss Consulting Services for Researchers and experts in the fields of grant proposal writing, research funding and research (project) management. As trainers for the DAAD DIES ProGRANT-Courses they are responsible for the training of researchers and younger PhD holders from countries in the Global South (mainly Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia).


Monday 20.06.2016

 09.00 – 10.30h:

  • Welcome address
  • Introduction of facilitators and participants
  • Important principles of grant writing
    • Elevator pitch
    • Group work: Elevator Pitch
    • Presentation


  • Coffee break


  • Structure of a grant proposal
    • Excercise: Summary
  • How to create a budget plan


  • Lunch break


  • cont. budget plan
  • Group work & presentation
  • Reviewer-oriented writing


  • Coffee break


  • cont. reviewer-oriented writing
    • Group work & presentation: bad proposals
  • How to search for an appropriate

Booking tag-01Friday 24.06.2016

Individual consultations (please make your reservations here)

Event Information:

Date, Time:20/06/2016, 09:00 h – 17:00 h

Location: Room 1.90 Bernhard Feilchenfeld Str. 11, Bernhard Feilchenfeld Str. 11, Cologne

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