Vegetation and climate history of S. Levant since the Last Interglacial


Chunzhu Chen and Andrea Miebach are PhD students in Project B3 at the Steinmann-Institute for Geology, Mineralogy, and Paleontology at the University of Bonn.

Chunzhu Chen

Chunzhu Chen

Chunzhu studied Physical Geography and worked as a student assistant between 2010 and 2013 at the Lanzhou University, China. She mainly investigated the paleovegetation in northwestern China. Her master thesis focused on the vegetation and climate history inferred from an alpine lake in the central Tienshan Mountains since 8.5 ka BP. With the support of a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council, Chunzhu joined the paleobotanic working group at the University of Bonn, and started her work as a research assistant in Project B3 in October 2013.

Andrea Miebach

Andrea Miebach

Andrea studied Biology at the University of  Bonn. Her master thesis was undertaken within Project B4. She studied the vegetation and climate history of the Marmara region inferred from lacustrine sediments from Lake Iznik (NW Turkey) during the last ca. 30,000 years. Andrea has been employed as a research assistant in Project B3 since October 2013.

Fossil pollen archives give us a unique opportunity to reconstruct the vegetation and climate history of a region. The Levant is a highly sensitive area, where several plant-geographical territories converge. Therefore, it is an outstanding region for analyzing changes in the paleoenvironment. Sediment cores from Lake Kinneret and mostly from the Dead Sea (Israel) are used for their palynological investigation.

While Chunzhu analyzes the Last Interglacial, Andrea focuses on the Last Glacial. Andrea and Chunzhu will introduce their working field and present the study area. Moreover, they will give an overview of the methods, which will be applied in their PhD projects, and their project aims respectively.

Event Information:

Date, Time: 27/01/2014, 17:30 h – 19:00 h

Location: Übungsraum 3, Geographie / Südbau, Otto-Fischer-Str. 4, Köln

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