Workshop: Bayesian Age modelling

Dear PhD students,

on February 4 we will have Maarten Blauuw with us. He will not only give a talk within the CRC lecture series, but also give a workshop on age modelling. This is an unique opportunity for you to get first hand insights in Bayesian Age modelling!

We will start the workshop at 9.30 am in room S 57, Philosophikum (building 103) / Universitätsstraße 41. It will take about 4 hours.
Please bring your laptop and install the R package rbacon and clam beforehand. You are going to need “R” anyway for our statistics workshop at the end of February (18th-21st February).

In the afternoon Maarten will give a presentation on his work. As usual, this will be in room HS XVIIb, main building, from 4-5.30pm.

Participation at the workshop and lecture are obligatory. Please inform the IRTG office if you can´t attend or have any questions.