Welcome to the IRTG Graduate School of the CRC 806

The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) Graduate School is an integral component of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 806 that is promoted by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and hosted at the University of Cologne, University of Bonn, and RWTH Aachen University.

All students undertaking doctoral research within the frame of CRC 806 are automatically members of the IRTG. The IRTG Graduate School is currently home to about thirty doctoral candidates from several scientific disciplines. A list of members together with a brief introduction of themselves and a draft title of their doctoral theses can be found here.

This internet platform is designed to provide members with a forum for scientific, organizational, and social matters around the CRC 806. Further, it provides information on CRC-Lectures, IRTG-Colloquia, and CRC-Workshops – the important pillars of interdisciplinary doctoral studies within this research centre.


IRTG Graduate School Courses

The CRC-Lecture Series is a staple of the IRTG Graduate School study program. Taking place in a fortnightly cycle, the lecture series provides a stage for distinguished guest speakers and also serves as an important meeting point for all CRC 806 researchers working at the participating institutions and departments at the University of Cologne, University of Bonn, and RWTH Aachen University.

The CRC-Lecture Series is a compulsory course for all members of the IRTG Graduate School.

For announcements of upcoming lectures and events within the CRC 806-Lecture Series, all CRC 806 members as well as interested guests are recommended to subscribe to the following mailing list:


The IRTG-Colloquium is designed as a forum for doctoral students, at which they can present and discuss their research with peers and colleagues.

The IRTG-Colloquium is a compulsory course for all members of the IRTG Graduate School.

In addition, the IRTG offers CRC-Workshops for doctoral candidates to develop and improve upon a range of different skills including important soft skills.

For announcements of upcoming colloquia, workshops, and events within the scope of the IRTG Graduate School, all PhD candidates within or affiliated to the CRC 806 are recommended to subscribe to the following mailing list:


Should doctoral candidates not be able to attend CRC-Lectures, IRTG-Colloquia, and CRC-Workshops, they should inform the IRTG Office.


Doctoral Candidates

The requirements and obligations of the doctoral candidates (including milestones & progress reports) and of the supervising staff are elaborated in the IRTG Agreement of Supervision. An overview of the IRTG Graduate School Curriculum and the credit points needed for graduation are also enclosed in the agreement form. Please provide a scanned copy of the signed Agreement of Supervision to the IRTG Office and keep the original document.

New IRTG members that are not registered yet are kindly requested to complete the online registration form and make sure that your member profile is complete.