Winter 2010 / 11

Ph.D.Presentations – Winter 2010/11

Presentations to be held in the Ph.D-Colloquium

Winter Term 2010 / 2011 (WS 2010 / 2011)

Tuesdays (weekly) / 16-17:30 (4.00 to 5.30 pm)
Lecture Hall Building / Lecture Hall D / University of Cologne

Date Name(s) Project Topic(s)
26.10.2010     What makes a good poster?
Tips and techniques for poster design and presentation



16.11.2010 Lecture Hall Building
Lecture Hall F
University of Cologne
  IRTG Special Introductory Course: 
Prehistoric Archaeology
Note: IRTG Special Introductory Courses are aimed at providing CRC-members with the opportunity to receive a general introduction into some of the key methods and disciplines applied within the CRC 806.
What you always wanted to know about lithics ……
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Introductory Course
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07.12.2010 Benno Thoma B3 Environmental Response on Climate Impact in the Levant during the Last Glacial and Holocene and their Role in the Origin of Agriculture
  Pritam Yogeshwar A2 Multidimensional interpretation of geoelectric data to estimate the general structure and the basin depth of dry salt lakes in the Western Sahara

14.12.2010   Due to unforeseen circumstances the Ph.D. seminar will be postponed until Tuesday 18th January 2011. (see below)

21.12.2010 Dirk Leder B1 The Transition from Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in the Lebanon

11.01.2010 Verena Foerster   Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction based on the sediment analysis for East Africa
  Tsige Kassa   Fire history and climate change in Ethiopia: An insight from sediment charcoal records

18.01.2011 Vera Klinger B3 Title to be confirmed
  Sabrina Peters F4 Climate change in the Northern and Western Black Sea Region. Based on U/Th isochron dated stalagmites from the Crimean Peninsula and Eastern Romania

25.01.2011     Poster presentation

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