Summer 2011

Ph.D.Presentations – Summer 2011

In this term the focus of our Ph.D. seminar lies on verbal communication. In our first meetings we will be familiarised with the crucial skills essential for chairing meetings, managing discussions, and debating. At subsequent meetings these newly learned skills will be put into practice; all will be chaired by IRTG members. Additionally, a new category will be introduced to our IRTG repertoire this term: Debating Club. The aim of these meetings will be to debate general topics and recently published papers relevant to CRC 806. This exercise serves as a way of keeping up to date with current research and, at the same time, encourage verbal communication (using specialist vocabulary) and train skills so essential when participating at national and international workshops and conferences.

Summer Term (SS) 2011

Day / Time: Mondays (weekly) / 10.00-11:30 am
Venue: University of Cologne
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Date Name(s) Project Topic(s)
18.04.2011 F. Schäbitz / L. Clare Z3 Introduction
General meeting: organisation and discussion

09.05.2011 F. Achenbach
(Englisches Institut Köln)
  Public Speaking – Group 1
Introduction / Refresh


16.05.2011 F. Achenbach
(Englisches Institut Köln)
  Public Speaking – Group 2
Introduction / Refresh


23.05.2011 F. Achenbach
(Englisches Institut Köln)
  Debating Club (1)


Lecture Hall XII
D. I. Olszewski
Penn University, Philadelphia, USA
Presentation (CRC – Lecture Series):
Revisiting the Nile Valley Corridor: Research by the Abydos Survey for Paleolithic SitesATTENTION!
Thu 26.05.2011, 12:00-13:30, University of Cologne, Main Building, Lecture Hall XII

30.05.2011 F. Achenbach
(Englisches Institut Köln)
  Debating Club (2)


20.06.2011     Debating Club (3)
Müller et al. (2011) The role of climate in the spread of modern humans into Europe. QSR 30: 273-279.

27.06.2011 N. Höbig C1 Presentation:
Terrestrial archives in Western Europe (Spain, France, Portugal): Late Pleistocene/Holocene paleoclimatic variations
  Dirk Leder B1 Presentation:
The Transition from Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in the Lebanon

04.07.2011 C. Willmes Z2 Presentation:
Introducing the CRC806-Database

11.07.2011 A. Aufgebauer
K. Panagiotopoulos
B2 Presentation:
Environmental and vegetation response to climate changes in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Glacial and the Holocene based on sediments from Lake Prespa (Albania/Macedonia/Greece).
  L. Clare F1 Presentation:
Cultural cycles, climate stress and social vulnerability in the eastern Mediterranean during the Holocene

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