Winter 2011 / 12

Ph.D.Presentations – Winter 2011/12

We are now entering the final part of the first phase of SFB 806. For this reason, the focus of our meetings in the coming term will lie on the results of those Ph.D.-projects which have been running (more or less) since the beginning of the first phase. In addition to presentations to be given by the Ph.D. students, in ensuing discussions we also plan to review the progress so far made by the individual “Teilprojekte” of CRC 806.

Winter Term (WS) 2011/2012

Day / Time: Mondays (weekly) / 14.00-15:30
Venue: University of Cologne
Main Building | Lecture Hall XVIIbShow Map
Date Name(s) Project Topic(s)
17.10.2011 Due to unforeseen circumstances the Ph.D.-Seminar will be commencing at the slightly later time of 2:45 pm (14:45)
  F. Schäbitz / L. Clare Z3 Introduction
  L. Clare F1  

24.10.2011 Ch. Schmidt F2

  M Ritter A1  

31.10.2011 no course

07.11.2011 no course

14.11.2011 F. Lauer D2  
  M. Wolf F3  

21.11.2011 M. Schlummer D3  
  P. Roesser B4  

28.11.2011 no course

05.12.2011 V. Klinger B3  
  F. Steininger D1    

12.12.2011 I. Medved C2  
  M. Bradtmöller C1  

19.12.2011 J. Karls A1  
  P. Yogeshwar A2  

 Christmas break

09.01.2012 N. Höbig /
I. Schmidt
  I. Kretschmer E1  

16.01.2012 V. Foerster A3  
  T. Kassa A3  

23.01.2012 M. Solich E3  
  D. Weig E3  

30.01.2012 G. Bataille B1  
  M. Bertrams B1  

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