Dr. Melanie Bartz

Dissertation Title

Early Holocene Contacts between Africa and Europe and their Palaeoenvironmental Context

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. Brückner


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2014 – 2017: Ph.D. student at Institute of Geography, University of Cologne.

2013: M.Sc. in Quaternary Science and Geoarchaeology, University of Cologne

M.Sc. thesis: Luminescence dating of alluvial sediments – a methodological study at a palaeolithic site in Morocco

2011: B.Sc. in Geography, University of Cologne

B.Sc. thesis: Mauern im Meer – eine geoarchäologische Fallstudie über anthropogene Strukturen in der Bucht von Elaia, Türkei

Field Work / Research Assignments

  • Pergamum (Turkey) – Geoarchaeology of the ancient harbour in the Bay of Elaia (2010, 2011 & 2012)
  • Ainos (Turkey) – Geoarchaeology of the ancient harbour of Ainos (2011)
  • Miletus (Turkey) – Geoarchaeology of the Miletus peninsula (2011)
  • Luni (Italy) – Palaeoenvironmental evolution (2010)
  • Asea Valley (Greece) – Palaeoclimate reconstruction in a lake archive (2010)
  • Helike (Greece) – Geoarchaeology and tsunami research (2010)
  • Afsou (Morocco) – Geoarchaeology and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, M.Sc. thesis CRC 806 C2-project (2011, 2012)


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