Paleoclimate modelling and aeolian dust as climate proxy


One of the objectives of the CRC 806 is, based on paleoclimate modelling and paleoclimate proxies, to understand how paleoclimate changed and how paleoclimatic and environmental conditions impacted the movement of homo-sapiens. The purpose of the workshop is to provide colleagues of similar interests with a platform for exchange of ideas.

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Modelling African Quaternary Climate and Vegetation Change



Prof. Martin Claussen
Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, University of Hamburg, KlimaCampus Hamburg

Pronounced changes in African climate, deserts and tropical rain forest over the last glacial cycles presumably affected human’s way out of Africa. These changes were induced by large changes in ice masses, ocean circulation and monsoon dynamics which, in turn, were triggered by variations in the Earth orbit around the sun and subsequent alteration of meridional insolation gradients.

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